Religious Education

Our Faith is at the heart of all that we do at St Mary Magdalen’s. It is an integral part of each school day and also provides unique opportunities for reflection and celebration.

Mission Statement

We are a Roman Catholic community, placing God at the centre of our lives. Christian values permeate every aspect of the school day.  As a small friendly school, we aim to produce the warmth and intimacy of the family.  We recognise each individual as special and loved by God, caring for one another and fostering love, trust and respect.  When mistakes are made we recognise them as opportunities for learning and consequent reconciliation.

We aim to help all children fulfil their potential. We have high expectations of the children; we want them to do their best socially, personally, academically and spiritually.

We recognise each child’s full entitlement to education. We value children’s uniqueness and endeavour to nurture their potential.  We strive to promote in them a sense of personal worth and self-confidence, as well as an awareness of their responsibilities to self and others.

Mission Statement for Children

In order to make sure that our mission statement is an accessible and relevant part of our school life for parents, pupils and staff alike we have developed a child friendly mission statement. This statement is on display in all of our classrooms and is used as a means of explaining our beliefs, words and actions by staff and pupils.

We are a special caring family loved by God.

Learning together in faith and love.

We do our best for others and ourselves.

Our mistakes are our opportunities.

Catholic Life of the School

Our pupils take pride in their faith and live out the Church’s teachings through their words and actions. They have an acute understanding of what’s right and wrong. They achieve happiness through self-respect and respect for others. They embrace and understand their own community and are always curious and interested in the wider community and how they can contribute to a better world for all. Throughout the year they direct and contribute to our learning environment, acts of worship, charitable activities, fund-raising, and celebrations all of which develop the Catholic character of our school and prepare them for their lives beyond the school gates.

Religious Education

The school recognises the importance of children having a sound understanding of their faith, its stories, teachings and practices. The school follows the “Come and See” scheme of work which is approved by the Diocese of Southwark. Religion lessons aim to inspire and engage pupils, developing their understanding and skills whilst recognising the unique nature of the subject and the importance of cultivating a sense of awe and wonder. Inclusion is an important part of all of our teaching and learning and pupils achieve highly in Religious Education and making good progress both during the year and throughout their time at the school.

Collective Worship

Pupils participate in a wide variety of collective worship throughout each week including whole school, phase and class acts of worship. We also encourage pupils to take time for prayer and reflection on a more personal level and provide opportunities for larger celebrations with the wider school and church community. Our pupils are reverent and reflective at times of Collective Acts of Worship. The pupils are knowledgeable about their faith, which they act upon visibly through prayer and worship. Children lead acts of collective worship throughout the year and plan and carry out their own acts of collective worship.


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