Year 3

Welcome to Year 3.

As the children progress from Key Stage 1, Year 3 is a year full of challenges, exciting experiences and opportunities. The children are encouraged to take more responsibility for their learning and organisation as they begin their journey through Key Stage 2. As members of KS2, the children will now partake in exciting activities such as swimming, the Year 6 production and cookery lessons.

R.E. Year 3 is a very special and important year for our children, as it is in this year that they will make their First Holy Communion and preparations for this important milestone are carried out in class.

In Maths, times tables are consolidated and regular table tests on all topics ensure new concepts are firmly embedded throughout the year. Homework is given once a week. Termly assessments are carried out to monitor progress.

In English, we develop reading, writing and speaking and listening skills through the provision of various genres. These include writing fiction for different audiences, such as Adventure stories and plays; the children also write poetry to perform to each other. We learn to write instructions and letters, reports and book reviews. Termly assessments are carried out to monitor progress. We delve into the lives and works of the authors Roald Dahl and Dick King-Smith. Homework is given once a week.

In Science, we explore the topics of Teeth and Healthy Eating, Rocks and Soils, Materials and their Properties, Forces, Growing Plants and Light and Shadows. We carry out exciting investigations and record our findings in a variety of ways. Assessments are given at the end of each topic to assess progress.

Ancient Egypt is the theme for History in Term 1. A visit to the Natural History Museum, where we investigate the lives of the Ancient Egyptians, is one of our interesting educational visits. The children construct pyramids and Shabtis to bring this period of History to life.

The Tudors is the theme for History in Term 2. We will visit Hampton Court Palace and the children will have the opportunity to see how one of the greatest figures of the Tudor era, Henry VIII, lived.

In our Geography lessons, we travel to St. Lucia! We compare our lives in the UK to the lives of those living in a village in St. Lucia and how the weather in our locality of Mortlake differs from that of St. Lucia.
The children enjoy French, P.E. and Music taught by specialist teachers.

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