The School Council

At St Mary Magdalen’s our philosophy is one of doing things with children and not for them. We view our pupils as stakeholders in their own education, and value the ideas and input they bring to enhancing school life.

Alongside our Head Boy and Head Girl, Year 6 Prefects, class captains and library monitors, we also have an active student council, with 12 elected members representing each class from Year 2 upwards. They are elected at the beginning of the new school year and meet regularly to discuss a wide range of matters raised at individual class councils.

This year’s School Council has been involved in providing a greater variety of play equipment for lunchtimes (like hoops, balls and skipping ropes), and in setting up even more lunchtime and after-school clubs. Gym Club has proved very popular with Year 3!

We agreed that a ‘friendship’ bench should be introduced in the playground; if anyone sits on it we will know that they feel sad or lonely, and invite them to join in with our games.

During the year we came to a unanimous agreement about our responsibilities as pupils. We also arranged fundraising ‘mufti’ days and cake sales with the help of the PTA.

We have enjoyed working together to represent our classmates, and contributing to providing an even better environment for them. We are very proud to be involved in such important decisions about how we run our school.