Curriculum Intent Statement

As a Catholic School our Christian values underpin our curriculum and how it is delivered. Our curriculum nurtures the beliefs, attitudes and behaviours that enable our children to become responsible global citizens with a life-long love of learning, equipping them for our ever-changing world.

Our curriculum is:

Child-centred – Recognising the unique nature of each child. As a small school we pride ourselves on our knowledge of every child and their individual circumstances. We aim to adapt our curriculum so that it reflects and values our pupils and is responsive to their needs.

Inspiring – Providing exciting and engaging learning experiences which cultivate pupils’ passion for learning

Challenging – Delivering a broad and balanced curriculum that allows children to learn about subjects in depth. All subjects are planned to provide opportunities for pupils to acquire, practise and apply knowledge and skills. This ensures pupils become resilient, independent learners who are able to persevere and adapt their work in the knowledge that our mistakes are our opportunities. 

Inclusive – Utilising the unique and diverse nature of our school community to allow all children to learn about themselves, the wider world and their responsibilities. 

Cohesive – Making connections between subjects and allowing and inspiring children to apply and develop key skills and attitudes across the curriculum.

Our curriculum includes:

  • Exciting and engaging lessons that make learning purposeful and motivate our pupils.
  • Opportunities to acquire, practise and apply key skills and attitudes across the curriculum.
  • A range of topics which reflect the rich and varied nature of our school community and the wider world.
  • A diverse range of experiences inside and outside school.
  • Challenge for all pupils in order to develop their understanding, resilience and independence.
  • Collaborative learning that draws on the strength of our school community and utilises our strong home, school and parish partnership.
  • Time to learn in depth and nurture pupils’ curiosity and critical thinking skills.

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