Meet our Head Teacher

I’m really proud of being Head Teacher of St Mary Magdalen’s. Our school speaks for itself: not only do we achieve highly, we develop our pupils into individuals who we are genuinely proud of.

What makes us special ? I think it’s our ethos: we are built on strong Catholic values and our pupils have a good understanding of their responsibilities. We share a passionate commitment to everyone giving their best and being their best. We are also a true family, where parish, school and parents all work together for the good of our children.

When I read our end-of-year reports it’s a joy to see how each and every child has reached their personal best, and also how our all-round curriculum develops them, year by year. By Year Six, they are fine, responsible individuals, ready to face the bigger, wider world.

It’s more than just excelling in league tables: our pupils will step out into a challenging world and we equip them for it, morally as well as academically. To me, that’s outstanding.

Helen Frostick
Head Teacher