Church Links

Our school has strong links with St Mary Magdalen Church; together we are at the heart of a close-knit and thriving parish life. Our Parish Priest, Fr Adrian McKenna-Whyte, plays an active part in daily school life and worship.

Throughout the academic year, individual classes prepare and celebrate liturgies, which parents are invited to share in. On many occasions, the whole school worships together in the Church or school hall.

In Year 3, Fr. McKenna-Whyte helps Catholic pupils prepare for their First Holy Communion. This preparation includes receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation (First Confession), and several visits to the church to learn more about the Mass and our belief in the Eucharist. There is also an important role for parents in this preparation, which complements what the children are learning through the Year 3 RE curriculum.

Many of our pupils attend the popular Children’s Liturgy sessions at 9.30 Mass each Sunday, which are also open to pre-school children. And from Year 3 upwards, both boys and girls are invited to learn how to serve Mass.

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